Creative Practice coaching

1:1 sessions with me to kick-start your creative practice. It can be difficult when you are working on your own, without a support network of other makers, to keep focused and energised about your creative practice. Work with me to see how you can reinvigorate your work.

Price: £200 for 3 sessions


Online learning for people who want to work on their writing in their own time.


I love to write. And to talk. Words and their sounds, the rhythms and the flow of speech, all of it is wonderous. I love to try to describe what I see around me, and to hear how others experience things.
Words are tools, just like any you might use in your making practice, and getting used to them, understanding how they work, is just part of the process of mastering them.  But, much as I might adore your work, my words will never quite mean as much to your audience as your words. So let’s find them. Let’s harness your words and find your voice, and give people a real sense of why you make the amazing things you do.