1:1 session 'Refine & Polish' proof-reading

Using my conversation-based methods, this session offers guidance and direction on how to shape an existing piece of writing so that it authentically represents your making, and is as engaging and informative as possible for whatever task it needs to do.

1 session conducted on the phone, or via Facetime/Skype

Melody has become an invaluable support in my artistic career. She has helped me numerous times with successful applications to various competitions and courses, as well as helping me with the difficult task of writing about and defining my own art practice.

Talking my ideas over with Melody helps me to clarify what it is that I wish to say, and helps me to actually begin writing. Once I have written something, Melody is then fantastic at proof reading, advising on improved structure, content and grammar. Her suggestions never overwhelm my own ‘voice’, but they help the whole piece to come together in a well-written and succinct manner, so that my ideas are clearly understandable to the reader. I believe that with Melody’s help I can represent myself as an artist in the best possible way, doing my artwork justice with my writing.

Emily Stapleton-Jefferis - ceramic artist, MA in Ceramics & Glass RCA