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Makers & Tools project Work in Progress Show

Makers & Tools is a collaborative making project that challenges makers to reframe their relationships to their tools.

The project connects six emerging craft makers, who undertook a non-verbal conversation through an exchange of objects. Each created their own idea of a ‘tool’ which was sent on to another maker to be used to make a new object. The makers were free to interpret the tool in whatever way they felt appropriate, whether it was used practically to create, or conceptually to inspire, the new work.  And in this way relationships between the makers, their tools and the objects have been noticed and made visible.

Project coordinator, Melody Vaughan says:

"I’m fascinated why people make objects, and how it happens. Having had discussions with lots of makers about the importance of tools to their practice, I wanted to see what would happen when the role of tools in a maker’s practice was disrupted. What happens if a maker doesn’t choose her tools? What if she is gifted a tool crafted by another maker? What effect does this benign intervention have on her making process, and what possibilities does this allow?”

The show at Hotel Elephant, is the first exhibition of work from the project. It hopes to open up the conversation to a wider audience and ask ‘what role do tools play in a maker’s work?’

Featuring new work by:
Alice Heaton, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, Marian Ripoll, Rachel Jones-Jones, Rosie Deegan, Sarah Fennell.

Makers & Tools is an experimental project that aims to establish a method of prospective enquiry, fostering connections, and challenging the creative practice of contemporary craft makers.