Ambiguous Implements Symposium: Rethinking Domestic Design
1:30 PM13:30

Ambiguous Implements Symposium: Rethinking Domestic Design

Rethinking Domestic Design

Wednesday the 29th of November 1.30pm – 5pm

The School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University

The symposium brings together recent graduates from the fields of jewellery, metal work and ceramics to discuss the development of their practice post-education. The symposium will include a performative intervention by Nuala Clooney and Rachael Colley whose practice BY|WITH|BY sees them presenting their works in a variety of different contexts.

I am chairing a discussion panel of 4 emerging makers whose work features in the Ambiguous Implements exhibition: Kate Haywood, Rosie Deegan, Rob Anderson and Abbie Williams.

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"Crafting your Voice" writing workshop for makers
11:00 AM11:00

"Crafting your Voice" writing workshop for makers

Saturday 25th Novmber 11am - 1pm

2 hour Group Workshop


Makers are increasingly expected to communicate their ideas and the narratives surrounding their practice through engaging and evocative writing. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your motivations and passion for your work, but it can be daunting and difficult to know how to start.
Learn to develop your own voice within your writing, to create unique descriptions which reflect the quality and craftsmanship of your making practice.

What we will do:

Makers make objects, and my approach to crafting a written statement is to start with the objects, to see where they lead and what ideas emerge. Through a series of object-focused exercises, and conversations with other makers, you will begin to experiment with different styles of writing to free up your creativity in writing. You will begin to discover your own voice, and will create a short piece of writing which can be used on its own or as a starting point for development.

Further details:
Please bring something to write with/on (whatever format works for you). You will also need to bring a recent piece of work, but nothing too big/fragile!

Tea, coffee, cake will be provided.

Hotel Elephant Studios, Elephant & Castle, SE17 3EP


"I chose to sign up to the Melody's writing workshop as I struggle to put my creative ideas and reasoning behind my work into words. I found the exercises to be very useful and the session well structured to get the most out of ourselves and the time. In particular I really valued the examples that Melody gave us of effective artist statements and identifying elements like tone of voice and structure. Since I took the course I have done some editorial work writing about other designers and I have often looked at my session notes for helpful advice and reference!"

- Isabella Mitchell, illustrator and content creator for SCP

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Find your voice: successful writing for creatives Talk
7:00 PM19:00

Find your voice: successful writing for creatives Talk

I'm giving a talk for the Creative Duck creative community in Henley-on-Thames. I'll be talking about how to communicate with flair, nail your tone of voice and promote your brand through the written word.

 This interactive talk and Q&A will give you the expertise to enhance your communication, including how to:

- Write engaging website text, product descriptions and blog posts
- Write social media and marketing material
- Discover your writing style and tone of voice
- Techniques to combat writer's block
- Express passion for your work in an authentic, natural way
- Have the confidence to communicate your practice in a non-visual way

If you are a highly visual person who wants the confidence to connect with people through the written word, this talk is ideal for you! Come armed with questions for a Q&A session at the end

For more information and to book visit the Creative Duck website

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Makers & Tools project Work in Progress Show
to Jul 22

Makers & Tools project Work in Progress Show

Makers & Tools is a collaborative making project that challenges makers to reframe their relationships to their tools.

The project connects six emerging craft makers, who undertook a non-verbal conversation through an exchange of objects. Each created their own idea of a ‘tool’ which was sent on to another maker to be used to make a new object. The makers were free to interpret the tool in whatever way they felt appropriate, whether it was used practically to create, or conceptually to inspire, the new work.  And in this way relationships between the makers, their tools and the objects have been noticed and made visible.

Project coordinator, Melody Vaughan says:

"I’m fascinated why people make objects, and how it happens. Having had discussions with lots of makers about the importance of tools to their practice, I wanted to see what would happen when the role of tools in a maker’s practice was disrupted. What happens if a maker doesn’t choose her tools? What if she is gifted a tool crafted by another maker? What effect does this benign intervention have on her making process, and what possibilities does this allow?”

The show at Hotel Elephant, is the first exhibition of work from the project. It hopes to open up the conversation to a wider audience and ask ‘what role do tools play in a maker’s work?’

Featuring new work by:
Alice Heaton, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, Marian Ripoll, Rachel Jones-Jones, Rosie Deegan, Sarah Fennell.

Makers & Tools is an experimental project that aims to establish a method of prospective enquiry, fostering connections, and challenging the creative practice of contemporary craft makers.

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